Discernment is where prayer and action meet.


Where leaders can learn to listen to God and discern next steps in the context of community.

Created Space is for business and ministry leaders who are on the edge of a pivot or who perceive a shift in their purpose or direction. It is a consecrated space where we learn (or remember) how to listen and to discern the next right step.


Enter a collaborative space where business leaders and creative entrepreneurs can process decisions, gain insight and discern next steps.

Discern God’s Voice

This 6-week workshop introduces listening prayer and other spiritual practices that facilitate communication with God as we learn to discern God’s voice.

Discover Next Steps

This 6-week workshop is for leaders and teams who know they need to pivot, but want to discern next steps in the context of community and prayer.

Clarify Calling

This 6-week workshop is for leaders and teams seeking to clarify their particular calling, vision, or purpose.

About Carey Sims

 Carey serves as director of The Center for Faith and Leadership (Fredericksburg, Virginia) where she and her husband, Gannon, are training the next generation of leaders through faith formation and leadership development. Carey also co-leads the work of Uptick, a discipleship process geared toward entrepreneurs and church leaders. She is a spiritual director and ICF certified coach with 25 years in business and ministry. She holds an MBA from Regent University and an M.Div from Duke University. 

As an entrepreneur, Carey is particularly interested in the intersection between theology and economics and how the church can make social impact while proclaiming the gospel.  As a spiritual director, she delights in helping people develop practices that deepen and enliven their friendship with God.   



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As business owners and creative entrepreneurs, we need a dependable space where we can process ideas and decisions with others who understand the risk and responsibility we carry.


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